Corporate Team Building for Climate Awareness

Climate change is boring

Climate crisis and climate change related issues are now hitting the headlines nearly every day. Yet there is a difference between hearing a lot about a problem and truly understanding that problem.

The topic of climate change is complex and can get frightening, and at times even annoying or boring. We are being bombed daily with bad news and most people do not have the time to think about the issue or go through an IPCC report.

At the end of the day, one stands worried, helpless and bored, pointing fingers towards the fossil fuel industry, inefficient politicians, and billionaires flying to space. The belief persists that there is nothing left we, as individuals, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), or even large companies can do.

Boring face

Let’s change this through team building for climate awareness!

Group of 6 posing in front of the Climate Fresk they just made

The team building workshop The Climate Fresk (aka Das Klima Puzzle aka La Fresque du Climat) is a science-based, fun, and collaborative workshop based on collective intelligence in order to learn by doing and understand the causes and effects of climate change.

This instructive workshop packs a lot in a short amount of time in order to prepare for climate action. It is based on a set of 42 cards, each representing an aspect of climate change. From various human activities to extreme weather events, passing through fossil fuels, carbon sinks, water cycle, floodings and droughts, food production, infrastructure destructions, biodiversity and other climate change related risks, we take the bird’s eye view.

People having a look to cards on a table during a Climate Fresk workshop
Group of people putting post-its on a table

Participants sort the cards according to causes and effects in order to understand how different aspects of climate change are (or are not) connected. You’ll learn how the pieces of the puzzle fit together.

The Climate Fresk is a great tool, meant not only to achieve a common level of understanding but also to trigger discussions and creativity about what we can do at private and corporate levels to take climate action.

Engage with your friends and colleagues. Let’s Climate Fresk. Let’s make climate change an exciting challenge!

All the cards are in your hands!

Climate Fresk logo: all the cards are in your hand
Presentation video of The Climate Fresk
Link to video of climate fresk in corporate context

They speak about it

Get fit for a low carbon future

“Guillaume organized a couple of Climate Fresks as a team building activity for our whole marketing team. We had not only great fun together but also came out with a much better overview of the climate problem and of what we can concretely implement at our own corporate (and also private) level in order to reduce our impact and get fit for a low carbon future.”

Frederik Siegmann, Head of Marketing at PicoQuant GmbH

Picture of Frederik Siegmann, Head of Marketing at PicoQuant GmbH
Picture of Sebastien Mirabel EDHEC Alumni Berlin

Much enthusiasm and involvement

“Guillaume made a great introduction to the Climate Fresk during one of our EDHEC Alumni Meetings in Berlin (in June). It was was great to see so much enthusiasm and involvement on the topic, whish is clearly needed to sensibilize and drive us all to action.”

Sebastien Mirabel, Coordinator at EDHEC Alumni Berlin