There is a big difference between hearing a lot about climate change and truly understanding the problem.

Guillaume Delpont, founder of carbon studies

Where do I come from?

Originally an engineer for lasers and plasma processes, I have spent 18 years in the photonics business as a sales and application specialist and as a product manager for innovative laser solutions in the academics, research institutes and B2B customers.

  • In the past decade, since I have become a father of two, I have grown an increasing concern about the future of our common spaceship planet earth and in first place about the climate crisis, about human needs for energy and material resources and about planetary boundaries in general.
  • I went through IEA and IPCC assessment reports, got involved into voluntary actions for the low carbon transition think-tank The Shift Project, and into climate / carbon awareness initiatives such as The Climate Fresk and MyCO2 and I got certified for the renowned and ambitious corporate carbon footprint method and tools Bilan carbone®, which is aligned with international ISO 14064 and GHG protocol standards and is aimed at taking ambitious emission reduction actions.

What do I believe in?

I acknowledge that climate change is not our only issue and that reducing our carbon footprint is not the one and only thing we should care about, BUT I strongly believe that:

  • Our carbon emissions ARE a holistic and relevant metric of our direct and indirect ecological impact, also beyond the climate impact. For instance, a lower consumption of meat & dairy products has a positive impact on our carbon footprint and on climate BUT ALSO it has an (even more) positive impact on human’s land use, deforestation and hence biodiversity.
  • Our carbon emissions ARE the best metric of our dependency to fossil fuels and to one’s resilience with respect to their availability. For instance, switching from a traditional internal combustion vehicle to a bike (or an electric bike) for daily mobility makes us more resilient to wild fluctuations of crude oil price. Switching from natural gas heating systems to efficient heat pumps powered by low-carbon electricity makes us more resilient to wild fluctuations of natural gas price.
  • Decarbonization is a global systemic predicament and the strong industrial, financial and societal shifts needed to tackle this issue require the cooperation of everyone, at every level. Efficient and successful corporate climate action can only take place with all people and collaborators involved. Many and most creative ideas just need to be unleashed, bottom up, through a global awareness and a common understanding of the problem.

What do I offer?

I am helping companies to get fit for the low carbon economy and to move forward on two essentials and complementary fronts:

  • I will help your company to implement carbon management within the boundaries of its activities and help you navigate through the forest of frameworks, tools and possible claims such as carbon neutrality, offsets, net zero, science based targets, CDP disclosures, etc.
  • Furthermore, I help you develop an innovative communication strategy based on science, transparency and pedagogy.
  • I will also help your company to engage all your stakeholders and collaborators via collaborative workshops aiming at reaching a common understanding of the problem, generating creative ideas and triggering actions.